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Book an Engagement Photographer!

Don’t let one of the most important moments of your lives fade into a blurry memory. If you’re planning to propose to your true love in Barcelona, be sure to hire the A-team of engagement photographers, aka The Shutter Kings, and capture this beautiful life event in sharp, technicolour focus. Your future children will thank you… and us!

With just a tiny bit of subterfuge, we’ll pretend that you’ve booked one of our regular photoshoots…. after all, what couple wouldn’t want some beautiful visual souvenirs of their time together in Barcelona?

But then, at a romantic location of your choice (such as this kissing mural, pictured!), we’ll set up the camera, while you reach for the pocket and produce the ring.

Just dress your best, and we’ll do the rest!

Prices and some sample shots of some previous, very happy, customers below.

Engagement Photoshoot Prices

During this very special photoshoot (2 hours), we’ll capture your marriage proposal on film, plus take romantic couple shots at one other location.  After the experience, you will be emailed 30 high definition photos, 15 edited to professional quality.

Price: €180.

Tour Options

For an additional 1 hour shoot (with 2 additional locations), +15 photos, +7 professional photos, please add 33% to the price.


To hire your engagement photographer in Barcelona email us on: fran@shutterkingsbarcelona.com

Email to reserve!

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