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Fran: Lead Photographer

Born and raised in Venezuela, self-taught photographer Fran Goncalves started taking photos with a disposable camera back when he was just a teenager. Then he bought himself an early digital ‘point and shoot’, before finally graduating to a DSLR professional quality camera. More than 10 years ago his hobby became his profession, and in 2010 he exchanged the Caribbean for the Mediterranean and moved to beautiful Barcelona, where he has worked as a correspondent photographer for some of the most respected Scandinavian newspapers, like Politiken or Klassekampen. Fran is also a Getty Images contributor and has published photos all over the world, including in Lonely Planet books and the prestigious Time magazine. Specializing in documentary photography, he also enjoys travel and street photography… especially in Barcelona, a city that he now knows like the back of his hand. And the best part is that he loves to share all his knowledge and show the hidden, off-the-beaten track corners of the beautiful Catalan capital! You can check out his website here.

Email us on fran@shutterkingsbarcelona.com

Meet The Team

Shutter Kings is more than just a one man show. Here are some of the other talented photographers that will be glad to be your Barcelona guide.

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Paulina Flores was born in México City in 1985. She first arrived in Barcelona to study at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, with the idea of returning home at the end of her studies, but everything changed when a cheap camera fell into her hands and she started walking through the wonderful city of Barcelona lens in hand. Street photography and this city changed her life. As a graduate in photography, she began her professional career in 2010 with a grant in La Vanguardia, the most important newspaper in Catalonia, which opened the doors to the world of photojournalism and graphic publishing. Since then, she has collaborated with Spanish and Mexican newspapers as a photographer and with the weekly publication Magazine of La Vanguardia as a photo editor. Photography opened the doors of the fashion world, where she has also worked for several local designers making fashion editorials (she has also been in charge of the image and photography department of a retail store). She now works as a freelance photographer and photo editor, following her passion and devoting her eyes to this beautiful city.


Charlotte is a Belgian, 28-year-old, photographer. She is originally from Brussels, but she studied in both Madrid and Ibiza, before moving to Paris, and now plies her trade in Barcelona. She loves Spain and its diverse and colourful culture. From a young age she nurtured a passion for photography, and once in Paris she decided to make a career from her art. Now installed in Barcelona, she enjoys nothing more than exploring the Catalan capital, lens in hand. Thanks to all these different countries she has lived in, Charlotte speaks fluent English, French, Dutch and Spanish. She would be very happy to show you around the city, teach you more about photography, or shoot with you in the beautiful streets of Barcelona!

Our Work

Check out some of our professional photoshoots…you can also hire us for corporate events, or as wedding or engagement photographers.